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Tool Accessories

Kapro Light Weighted Tripod for Lasers

Model# 886-28

Specialty Hand Tools

RYOBI Door Hinge Template

Model# A99HT3
(74) $26.21

Specialty Hand Tools

RYOBI Wood Door Lock Installation Kit

Model# A99DLK5
(33) $15.71

Specialty Hand Tools

RYOBI Self-Centering Hinge Bit

Model# A99SCHB1
(33) $5.97

Measuring Tools

Kapro Handle and Knife Guide for Set and Match Ruler

Model# Handle & Knife Guide

Measuring Tools

Kapro Mini Cross Line Laser

Model# 862
(12) $21.94

Measuring Tools

Kapro 36 in. Magnetic Box Level for Drywall Studs

Model# 773-40P-36M
(10) $41.05

Measuring Tools

Kapro 32 in. Topcast Mason Cast Level

Model# 730-32
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