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Measuring Tools

Kapro 36 in. Magnetic Box Level for Drywall Studs

Model# 773-40P-36M

Measuring Tools

Kapro 4 in. Magnetic Handy Level

Model# 246M-D

Measuring Tools

Kapro Line Level

Model# 440-08

Hand Tool Sets

Makita Ratchet and Bit Set (47-Piece)

Model# B-50289

Tool Accessories

Kapro Tripod Adaptor

Model# 841

Tool Accessories

Kapro Beamfinder Glasses

Model# 840

Stud Finders

Kapro Multi-Scanner Sensor Electric

Model# 389

Measuring Tools

Kapro 10 in. Plastic Measuring Wheel

Model# 600-10

Measuring Tools

Kapro 9 in. Magnetic Tool Box Level

Model# 229-32-B
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