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Fastening Tools

Arrow T50ACD Compact Electric Staple Gun

Model# T50ACD
(100) $29.79
(86) $24.94
(13) $39.00
(86) $169.96

Tool Accessories

Arrow SupePower SlowSet Glue Sticks (24-Pack)

Model# BSS6-4

Fastening Tools

Arrow Cordless Electric Staple Gun

Model# E21
(78) $39.97

Cutting Tools

Wiss Straight-Cut Tin Snip Assortment (3-Piece)

Model# M3RSA11LW14L
(68) $49.97

Hand Tool Sets

BORA Steel Parallel Clamp Set (4-Piece)

Model# 571550

Fastening Tools

Arrow Lightweight Plier Stapler

Model# P21
(50) $11.47

Hand Tool Sets

BORA Steel 24 in. Parallel Clamp

Model# 571124
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